Steinbeis and the European Union Strategy for the Danube Region

Our Steinbeis-Danube-Center takes a presenting role in the complex process of development and realization of the European Danube Strategy. The Center was founded in March 2011 and is contact partner for every actor of Danube Strategy. Long-term experiences in the work in Southeastern Europe and international professional competence come together in Steinbeis-Danube-Center. This competence is provided to effect the Danube Strategy. Together we want to contribute to the overall and lasting achievement of ambitious aims of the Danube Strateg

Jürgen Raizner, founder and director of the Danube-Center at Steinbeis, is directly included to the work of many important committees: such as the work of Steering Groups of Priority Area 7 (Knowledge Society), 8 (Competitiveness & Clusters) and 9 (People & Skills). He is a member of the Romanian Advisory Board of Danube Strategy, member of the Executive Board in the Council of Danube Cities and Regions and in other important functions in organizations of members of the Danube Alliance. Those connections are used within the meaning of the Danube Strategy, for the development of useful and lasting projects.

The Danube-Center is Part of the Steinbeis Innovation GmbH and has status of a non-profit organization which is part of Steinbeis network.


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Last update 23. October, 2013